Trinity Oak Labs offers basic, intermediate, and advanced 
Hunting Retriever training. We mainly work with Labradors, but 
will accept other retrieving breeds as well.  Our program is 
tailored to each dog, keeping the owner's goals in mind, whether 
it be for AKC or UKC/HRC Hunt tests or as a finished waterfowl or
upland hunting retriever.  Dogs are trained daily and 
individually, one on one with a trainer. We encourage owner 
participation at all levels, and also encourage dogs to return 
annually to build physical fitness for hunting season.


Please keep in mind that all dogs are created differently in their ability to 
learn and absorb information. We recommend beginning training for a dog 6 months old (depending on the dog's mental maturity). Dogs create bad habits just like humans, and by starting dogs at a young age, you leave less time for these habits to be made. The older the dog gets, the more bad habits they have, and the harder it is for both the dog to learn and the trainer to teach. Often, these "older" (2 yrs +) dogs that haven't had any training yet will double the time that it would have took as a young dog (under a year).

We believe in customizing your dogs training program to ensure maximum interest, success, and enthusiasm for both your dog and you. All of our training programs can be modified to fit you and your dogs personality and specific needs. Not all dogs will follow the agenda set out in our training programs. This is okay, we understand, and have no problem in individualizing any training program.

We are available via both phone and email, and we encourage you to call or check in with us during your dog's training time as often as you like. You may also visit upon occasion as well. We will let you know with all honesty how your dog is progressing and his ability to reach various levels of training. You and your dog will be treated fairly and with the utmost respect at all times.

Your dog's success and enthusiasm, on and off the field, is what we strive for in our training and is why we love training dogs.

Remember, while the training outline is the same for each canine, the method and pace may differ based on the canine’s temperament, socialization, age, and ability to learn.

They are first schooled in the method of learning. Each canine entering into one of the programs below will include behavior modification (jumping up, pulling, etc.). 

NOTICE 10/31/2017: The time has come in life that our life commitments are not allowing us to professionally train retrievers any longer, and hence we will not be accepting any future client dogs. In the coming years, we will be primarily focusing on training our own dogs, and want to say THANK YOU to the many dog owners who have supported our kennel over the past decade! 

About the Trainer
Abby (Eash) Y0der has been training retrievers for the past 14 years. She has received Trainer training under some of the finest retriever professionals in the nation, at both hunt test and field trial levels of training. 

Abby earned her first Hunting Retriever CHampion title on a dog in fall 2008, and her 2nd title in Spring 2009. She also attempted her first Grand Hunt Tests that spring, making it to the 2nd serieswith Coach, while in the fall going to the 3rd serieswith Tory.

She has earned over 25 titles throughout AKC and UKC hunt tests. In 2011, she handled  three new Hunting Retriever Championstwo new Master Hunters- earning first passes on multiple others, and finished the year averaging a 92% hunt test pass rate in all levels of entry! We are excited about the addition of more titles to the kennel in the future as she continues to train.
"Training with Abby has allowed my dreams as a Trainer/Handler to become a reality."
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"Grizz did great this year for his first time out on the waterfowl. He retrieved around 60 ducks and 2 nice honkers. I can't wait till next year. "


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Trinity Oak Labs is a kennel that I cannot thank enough. I started training in 2008 after purchasing a yellow lab, from another local kennel. I didn't know about TOL until after I purchased my pup, or else it would've been from them. 

I met Abby shortly after I joined the Backwater Retriever Club. From day one, Trinity Oaks has helped me prepare for AKC/UKC Hunt Tests and my success as a Trainer/Handler is mostly because of the knowledge the Eash family has shared with me. 

After training with Trinity Oaks several days a week, me and my lab - Tucker, have successfully passed 4 straight AKC Hunt Tests earning his Junior Hunter Title

Training with Abby has allowed my dreams as a Trainer/Handler to become a reality; and
even though my dog is not a Trinity Oaks Lab, when-ever I finish college, I am looking to purchase a puppy from this Kennel. 

*Training Testimonies*
I recently brought my dog, Spider, to Trinity Oak Labs in fall 2009 with what  I thought was a serious problem handling birds. After a couple sessions correcting me, and just a week with my dog, things are now going very well. 
Thank you very much for getting us through this. What I thought was a big deal, you made it seem easy to correct. 

I would highly recommend anyone who is having any difficulty with their dog to come and see you right away. It sure makes a difference when things start to go bad! 

= Gene and Spider
"What I thought was a big deal, you made it seem easy to correct."
My yellow lab female, Millie, was sent to Trinity Oak's for training when she was 9 months old in the spring of 2008. After she was there for just two months, she had very good obedience, sitting, staying, and heeling very well on command, and also respected our leash.

She loves retrieving and has a good hunting instinct. She isn't afraid of gun reports and is attentive. She marks very well, holding until released, and then goes straight to the bird.

Millie had also completed the Force-fetch program and she now brings it directly back to us, and releases on command. 

Those were exactly the things we had been hoping for with training, and we are very pleased with the  service and training that we received from Trinity Oak Labs. 

Our next dog will definitely be coming from your kennel and receive the training as well. Thanks so much! 
= Gorden ~ Indiana
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"I acquired a black lab ‘Blake’ a couple of years ago from field trial lines. I looked around locally and found Abby. Abby has great dog sense and has the proper knowledge to be a first class retriever trainer. She prides herself on continual improvement as well. I believe in the near future we will see Abby achieve national stature. 
Our goal this summer was to finish Blake’s HRCH title and to enter him in a field trial Qual. Both of which we have accomplished with Abby handling him.
Although I am fairly new to the Retriever scene, I have a long background of dog training and knowledge thereof. I have had the benefit of seminars from leading German Police trainers, SAR trainers and now Retriever trainers, and have enough knowledge to spot trainers who know or don’t know what they are doing.
Abby has rare ability to read dogs. Her approach involves more than mechanics. She approaches each dog as an individual, since dogs are individuals and learn differently. Abby combines her intuitive gifts with correct knowledge and discipline of retriever training to help your dog become the very best retriever it can be." ~ 
Maugh Vail, Michigan ~ 2013
"Abby combines her intuitive gifts with correct knowledge and discipline of retriever training to help your dog become the very best retriever it can be."
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