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2016 Hunting Retriever Breedings

Whelped: November 15  - HRCH Reed MH HRCH Rylee - All Chocolate Litter
Whelped: December 27 - GRHRCH GMPR UH Flame MNH QAA  X Camo​ - Yellow/Black Litter
Whelped:  March 20  - HRCH Blake MH X Sage - Black and Yellow Litter

Check the litter listings below for availability! We are also accepting names for 
future black, yellow, and chocolate litters in Spring/Summer 2017.
Thank you for your interest in our dogs!
As Labrador breeders, our goal is to produce hi-drive, stylish, and versatile retrievers who have the ability to run and retrieve all day in the field, yet still have that "off switch" when the day is done and  the birds are cleaned! We want hunting dogs that know when it's time to relax, and hang out with the family.

Breeding: Our dogs come from mainly American field trial and hunt test bloodlines, including National, Field/Amatuer, and Hunting Retriever Champion titles. Rarely, do you find a dog with a lot of show breeding in our kennel, and we have a good reason for this. Most show dogs are bred for their looks, and do not have the athleticism that is required to efficiently do the job as a top notch working retriever. Our dogs not only hunt for us, but we have proven their abilities and high intelligence by earning some of the top retriever titles available in the hunt test arenas. 

Philosophy: Most of our breedings are done to top field titled stud dogs, who have pedigrees that back up their drive and trainability.  Breeding is not a science though, and sometimes even in the best of retriever pedigrees, you can still have one that is more difficult to train, has a poor temperament, or has low bird drive. However, when you spend hours looking into and matching different pedigrees, and studying a dog's individual personality, the way they learn, how they respond to different techniques, etc, you are better informed to choose the cross that will produce the best results. When a puppy is purchased from parents that are not proven, the chances are increased of getting a dog that will never achieve the dreams that you have for it. Before you buy, ask yourself, does this puppy come from a background that will fulfill the needs for which I am purchasing it?

From planning and preparations, to puppy-rearing and finding good homes, each litter is an investment of our time, and we go to great lengths to provide you with the happy and healthy pup you're looking for. Your pup will come with life-time breeder support, for our commitment to our pups does not end when they leave our kennel. We are on call at all times should you have questions or concerns along the way; we would love to keep contact with you after you've taken your new puppy home as well, so that we too can share in the joy of watching them grow. Email them to us, or post them on our Facebook page! 

Guarantee: Our puppies come with a 26 Month written Hip and Eye Guarantee, 1st shots, vet checked, AKC registration applications, and dewormed at least 3 times.  

Weight: While once in a while, one of our pups may reach up to 85 lb areas, that is not our goal and we try to keep pups well under that range, averaging in the 50-75 lb ranges.

Reservation: To reserve a puppy, we require a deposit which is non-refundable. The amount of the deposit depends on the price of the litter and is named after the litter description. We accept payment online via Paypal.com, or through regular mail by Money Order or Cashiers Check.

Shipping: Our previous shipping cost was a set price, but due to the Airlines raising their prices and them differing from each other from one to the next, we will need to contact the airlines in order to give you the exact amount needed to ship. That price will include the crate, health papers, airplane ticket, and our gas to the airport. No Winter Airline Shipping EST: $350. There are also delivery services available, that we actually prefer to use, since there are no temperature limits to work around, and often are in a similar price range as an airline. The cost is dependent on their availability and schedule, however.

Pickup: When each litter is born, we set a pick up date approx 7 weeks for that time, that each of the pups will need to be picked up on. If you are unable to come on that particular date(Or if your pup will be shipped), then the pup will be chosen for you based on the specifications that you are looking for in your pup. You may pick your puppy up at a later arranged time. 
"Ready did really good this weekend and we received our first two UKC Started ribbons!  
I watched some of the Seasoned tests, and I think with a little more work on blinds, that they would be no problem for Ready.  
I had a lot of fun at my first hunt test and am looking forward to going to some more."

~ Indiana

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Chocolate Litter - All PUPS SOLD
Litter Whelped: November 15, 2016
Litter Information: This is a beautiful litter for the Gun Dog enthusiast who is looking for a great retriever and companion dog. Reed has an amazing personality and is highly accomplished in both AKC/UKC hunt tests, and Rylee is one of the best retrievers we have ever trained, very talented, athletic, and stylish. Pups will be super dogs for hunt test competitors and extreme working gun dogs. Pups will be ready for pickup 7 weeks after whelping. 

Expected Mature Weight: 50-80 lb

Price: $1000

Sire: HRCH Marsh-Mutt's Locked N Loaded MH 
Reed is a well accomplished chocolate male who qualified for the 2016 Master National and is a fantastic working dog. He is also in the Backwater Retriever Club Hall-of-fame with over 10 Master passes. 
Reed has a super personality, really neat to be around and work with - not to mention his handsome looks! He weighs about 78 lb.
OFA Good, Elbows Normal, Eyes Clear, EIC and CNM clear. 

Dam: HRCH Trinity Oak's Way-Da-Go Rylee
An super star in a 50 lb pocket-rocket package, Rylee is a ball of fire when she comes off the truck to train! Super sweet little dog, very fast, retrieve-all- day kind of personality to her. Fun to run, sensitive enough to do what you say, independant enough to think on her own. For a little dog, she has the heart and desire of a 90 lb dog! 
Her training has been primarily for the duck hunting marshes, however she is hunted every fall on pheasants and does well in that arena, both on her own and in group settings. 
Rylee is loaded with drive in the field, but she is pretty quiet in the house and is really nice to be around. Great with family, kids, and new people, classic lab temperament to "meet and greet!" 
OFA Fair, Elbows normal, Eyes clear, EIC and CNM Clear. 

 Black and Yellow Litter - ALL PUPS SOLD
Litter Whelped: December 27, 2016
Litter Information: This is a beautiful litter for the Field Trial/Hunt Test enthusiast who is looking for an outstanding retriever. Flame is one of the most accomplished dogs in the midwest, and Camo, while still young, is showing great potential to be a top level retriever. Pups will be super dogs for hunt test competitors and extreme working gun dogs. Pups will be ready for pickup 7 weeks after whelping. 

Expected Mature Weight: 55-80 lb

Price: $900

Sire: GRHRCH UH GMPR Blackpowder's Blazing Red Flame MNH QAA
Flame is a handsome dark yellow male who is one of the most titled stud dogs you will find in the midwest. He has earned the championship levels in 3 Elite hunt test arenas, and Qualified All-Age in FT in his first event. Flame earned his 5th Grand pass in 2016, was recently inducted into the 1000 HRC points club, and has also passed 3 Master Nationals. He is a natural pointer in the upland fields.
Flame comes from a different pedigree combining field and show, which gives him a beautiful balance of athletism, conformation, and personality. He is a balanced 80 lb of muscle, and a super sweet dog to be around. 

OFA Excellent, Elbows Normal, Eyes Clear, PRA Clear, EIC/CNM clear. 

Dam: Trinity Oak's Bluegoose Camo
Camo is a fantastic young black female who lives to train and retrieve. She is a ball of intensity when at the line, and flies like a shot when released for a mark or a blind. She is a smart, talented, and willing worker who complies quickly with little pressure to commands. Camo weighs about 53 lb working weight. 

Since starting her training, she has come along very nicely and we plan to finish her HR and HRCH titles in 2017. Camo's pedigree is filled with generations of accomplished Field Trial and Hunt Test retrievers, being sired by FC AFC CFC CAFC "Skatch" and out of HRCH UH Tory MH. Both have produced incredible working dogs and we are excited to watch as Camo continues to add accomplishments to her name.

OFA Excellent, Elbows normal, Eyes clear, EIC and CNM Clear. 

Black and Yellow Litter - All Pups SOLD
Whelped: March 20, 2017

Litter Information: This is a beautiful litter for the Gun Dog enthusiast who is looking for a great retriever and companion dog. Blake has produced some very handsome and talented working dogs, along with excellent hunt test/field trial accomplishments of his own.  Sage is a super sweet female who hunts a field with style. Pups will be ready for pickup 7 weeks after whelping. 
Expected Mature Weight: 55-70 lb

Price: $700

Sire: HRCH Landover's Blake of Laubenhaid Acres MH
Blake is a handsome, well proportioned black male who is a pleasure to work with and train. In the field, he is a hard driving, athletic, intense retriever, and one that possesses excellent marking ability. Blake is quite trainable, and it is obvious to all that he loves his job. He is a pleasure to compete and handle. 
When Blake is not at work, he is a house dog, and enjoys all the spoiling by his owner!
He has a phenomenal pedigree, which is linked below. In addition to his current title, he finished 3 Qualifying's with two 4th placements and a reserve JAM. Blake has also earned his Master Hunter title. 
​OFA Excellent, Elbows Normal, Eye​s CERF Clear, EIC Clear, CNM Clear

Dam: Trinity Oak's Sage Paints the Sky
​Sage is a beautiful yellow female who comes from superior bloodlines. She retrieves well with great enthusiasm and drive. In her training, Sage is responsive and smart, has a good nose, and is an excellent pheasant dog in the upland fields. She loves water, and has a good entry.
One of the things we like about Sage is her fun demeanor; she loves to be with people and is very sociable. In the house, she is quiet and even tempered.
Sage weighs about 55 lb, has a very nice compact build and well balanced frame which helps to prevent injury in the field. 
OFA Good, Elbows normal, Eyes clear, EIC and CNM Clear