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"Grizz did great this year for his first time out on the waterfowl. He retrieved around 60 ducks and 2 nice honkers. I can't wait till next year. "

~ "Matt"

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Mossi is sired by GRHRCH Casey's Max A Million and her dam is HR Jake's Gold Emmy
GRHRCH UH Canteen’s Mossi Brite Eyed
Boo MH!       

  • SHR - 2008 Spring at 11 months
  • HR  - 2008 Fall at 16 months
  • HRCH - 2008 Fall at 18 months
  • SH - 2009 Spring at 25 months 
  • UH - 2009 Fall at 29 Months
  • 1 Grand pass Fall 2011
  • GRAND title Spring 2012
  • 1000 HRC Point Club 2012
(Update Spring 2012)
Hi Abby,

Delta is doing so well! I am just thrilled with her. We called her Jazztime Delta Blues with a call name of Delta. She is amazing. She is so intelligent that it is scary. She learns each task so quickly. I have trained Labs since 1962 and can't remember a pup this precocious. 

Delta is 7 months old and finished with Basic Obedience, Force Fetch, Stick Fetch, and has mastered Three Handed Casting, and performs her Overs and Backs very sharply. I am ready to start her on the Modified Double Tee. I failed to mention that she is also Collar Conditioned and is Collar Fetch trained.

Delta is retrieving Mallard ducks at distances of 100 yards while coming straight back and delivering gently to hand. As you can tell, we are so pleased with her progress. Delta has absolutely no fear of anything!
Larry Calvert
Jazztime Retrievers
(Delta is from the AFC Jazztime Bluegoose's Skatch X HRCH UH Tory MH litter whelped 07/29/11)
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Trinity Oak's FIRSTGRHRCH Pup!!
Just wanted to let you know Splash entered her first hunt test this weekend, we only did Saturday's test this time around, and came out with her first pass at Junior Hunter.  I think a lot of people were impressed by the enthusiasm and desire she has.  It is especially funny how explosive she is to enter the water for the retrieve, she makes a big leap and splash - funny how they live up to their names!
During the test on the 2nd land mark, the judges had some silhouette goose decoys set up, one of which ended up right in line with Splash's mark. Well to say the least, that decoy paid a price for that, because she hit that decoy at full speed and never stopped.  It ended up throwing her off her mark though, but she hunted it and found it.  One thing I noticed in our training, she has never given up on a bird she couldnt find at first, she will keep on looking until she finds it.
Our biggest problem area to be worked on is she has so much enthusiasm, it is hard to keep her in the holding blind, she just wants to peer out around it and see what's going on.  It's a good problem to have though.
Thanks! Joe R. 

(Splash is from the AFC CAFC Jazztime Bluegoose's Skatch X HRCH UH Tory MH litter whelped 07/29/11)
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UPDATE: (11-11-12)
This is Splash, who had a great day hunting in Pennsylvania. Splash is 15 mths now, and she loves duck hunting. She had a 200 yd retrieve for a cripple that kept taking her out farther in to open water, but she managed to catch up and bring it back without any problems. 
So glad I came out to get her from you, Splash is wonderful. She also got her Junior Hunter title in September and we are working toward Senior in the Spring.

7 Mergansers & 2 Bluebills
DERBY LIST!!!! Delta finished her young dog career with 25 derby points including 3 WINS.
Delta earned her QAA with a 2nd at 29 months.
Way to go big dawg!
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This is Mr Bluetarsky after retrieving his first Ruffed Grouse in the north woods of Michigan. Below and to the right are pictures of the results of several great days of duck hunting during the 2013 season.

Blue completed three months of professional Gun Dog training here at TOL and was a great student! He is from the 2013 spring HR Cody X HRCH Rio litter.

Owned by Mr Novak of Indiana
"Thor" getting in some preseason training in, he is very enthusiastic about 
retrieving and loves the water. As you recall, he was produced from the 
HRCH GMPR Rooster MH X HR Star Spring 2012 litter.
Thank you for your training efforts this summer with Thor in the basics program.
We can’t wait for '13 duck season to open! 
~ Don Bergman
Pictured is Aesa, is my almost three year old male yellow lab from GRHRCH UH Ely MNH QAA. He is doing very well and is my prized hunting companion! He earns his keep every hunt by handling very well with tremendous drive for birds. Aesa is a very stylish retriever and it is a pleasure to watch him work.
I have competed him in hunt tests, and to date, he has earned his Hunting Retriever title (HR) along with 2 Finished (HRCH) passes. We will resume tests next spring to complete the title. 

~ Alan Brent, Michigan
Trinity Oak Labs - Mel and Char Eash - 260-593-2768 [email protected]
"Bella is just a retrieving machine this year, thank you so much!" Brett S.
Bella is from the 2015 HRCH Blake MH X HRCH Ellie Litter