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Abby Eash (Handler) and HRCH UH Coach MH with his 
Qualifying JAM ribbon
Trinity Oak Labs - Mel and Char Eash - 260-593-2768

  • Backwater Retriever Club (April 8-10)
Coach, Tory, Rayne, and Rio were all entered in Backwater's hunt test this year, the first two in both Masters, and the latter in just one. I am happy to say that all four dogs passed each of their tests!! On top of it all, HRCH UH Coach finished his Master Hunter title going 6-7! Tory is now 5-6 and needs one more pass for her title. For Rayne and Rio, this was their first Master runs and passes. (6-6)

  • Ohio Valley Retriever Club (April 15-17)
We made the 5 hour trip out with one purpose in mind: to finish HRCH UH Tory's Master Hunter title.....and we did it! She rocked the tests, didn't handle on a mark all weekend, lots of compliments from the judges. Rayne also ran, but went out in the 2nd series on the water blind. (1-2)
  • Kalamazoo Valley HRC (May 7)
We ran KVHRC's one day event with Rayne and Rio in finished, and both dog's passed their tests! This was pass #2 for each of them! (2-2)

  • Backwater Hunting Retriever Club (July 16, 17)
Had a great weekend at BRC's inaugural HRC test, client dog's Casey and Gauge passed both days in Started (1st/2nd passes), Rayne passed Finished Saturday and Rio passed Sunday! (6-8)

  • Kalamazoo Valley HRC (August 6, 7) 
TITLE!!! Two NEW HRCH titles were earned on Saturday for both Rayne and Rio! Ellie also earned her first Finished pass, and client dog's Casey and Gauge earned their 3rd Started passes. (5-5)

  • Southern Michigan HRC (August 20)
It seemed a bit more relaxing than some of the more recent tests, not nearly as many dogs to handle! Fun weekend though, Ellie earned her 2nd Finished pass, Alex earned her inaugeral Started pass, and client dog, Casey, passed his fourth straight for his Started TITLE! Congrats to his owner Don! Casey is a very fine dog and this is the first of many titles to come. (3-3)

  • St Clair Flats HRC (September 3, 4)
We are focused on earning our next two titles with Ellie and Alex, and headed to Michigan as part of the journey. Ellie earned her 3rd and 4th Finished passes, and Alex earned her 2nd and 3rd Started passes. Great weeked at SCFHRC - (4-4)

  • Backwater RC (September 9,10)
Ellie, Rio, and Rayne entered the Friday Master Hunter test and each received a pass! This was Ellie's first pass, while for Rio and Rayne, it was their 2nd. Girls rule! (: (3-3)

  • Ohio HRC (September 17, 18)
Our final test to finish up a busy hunt test season.......went great! Ellie earned her HRCH title passing both days (6 straight passes!), and Alex earned her SHR title passing her 4th test on Saturday. What a great year! (3-3)

Until next time, keep training the dogs!!

Backwater Hunting RC Hunt Test (June 15,16)

  • Great Lakes HRC Hunt Test (May 18, 19)
Excellent weekend running on some super nice grounds. Blake and Skye both passed their finished tests both days, with Jade running Saturday and earning her HRCH title! Cody also earned his 2nd and 3rd Seasoned passes, and is now one pass away from his HR title. 
Pass rate: 7-9 overall

  • Kalamazoo Valley HRC Hunt Test (May 11, 12) 
Breakout session for the newest members of the big dawg crew: Blake, Rylee, and Skye all ran their first Finished tests of the season and came away passing 5-6 of the tests overall. With the cumulative point earned, each of them earned their HR titles! Cody also earned his first Seasoned pass. 
Pass rate:  (6-8) overall

  • Backwater AKC Hunt Test (April 12-14)
Double Master event weekend, Rio earned a MH pass in Friday's Master and Ellie earned another pass in Saturdays. (2-4)
"I just thought that I would give you yet another update on Winnie, this one about her last two Started Hunt tests.  Winnie picked up the first bird with no problem, however when I released her for the  second bird, she over ran the bird as we were in lunging water and started hunting for the bird in the wrong area. 
After letting her hunt I could tell that she wasn't going to pick it up by herself so with two cast's I put her right on the bird. 
We received a standing ovation from the judges and the gallery. 
The judge later old me that he couldn't believe a started dog could handle as well as Winnie did. 
Once again, a tribute to Trinity Oak Labs and the great blood lines you are producing. "
The name is now officially SHR Winchesters Golden Legend
Started Dogs

  • Ohio HRC Hunt Test (Sept. 22, 23)
Finished up the hunt test year with a great group of young dogs in Pioneer. Skye passed her first Finished test and Maya(owned by the Richmond family) earned her first Seasoned pass on Saturday. Libby(owned by the Reiff's) and Jake (owned by Rich P) passed their first two Started passes on Saturday and Sunday. Congrats! (6-12)
  • Backwater RC AKC Hunt Test (September 7-9)
Rio and Rayne passed their Master Hunter tests and Maya (owned by the Richmond family) earned her first Junior pass on Saturday. Also, congrats to Brad L with his young pup "Boomer," for passing both of their Junior Hunter tests and earning the JH TITLE! (3-5)

  • Michigan Flyways AKC Hunt Test (September 1, 2)
Rayne and Ellie earned another Master Hunter pass towards their MH title, while Boomer(owned by the Laskowski's), handled by Abby on Saturday and by Brad on Sunday, also passed both of his Junior Hunter tests. Congrats! (4-5)

  • Southern Michigan HRC Hunt Test (August 25)
Rylee earned her 3rd Seasoned pass (1-3) 

  • Michiana Retriever Club Qualifying (August 18)
Coach earned his first Field Trial ribbon this weekend, with a JAM(Judges Award of Merit) in the Qualifying! 

  • Kalamazoo Valley HRC (August 11, 12) 
Skye and Rylee did a great job in their Seasoned debuts, each going 2-2 on the weekend. (4-4)

  • Backwater Retriever Club (June 16, 17)
Maya (owned by the Richmond family) made her Started debue a success this weekend by going 2-2 in her tests! She made it look easy, and took many compliments from the judges. Perry (owned by the Golden family) did a great job on the land marks, but came up short on the water. (2-3 pass rate) 
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Kankakee River HRC Hunt Test (August 13)
  • After taking a break from the hunt test game (3 years, wow!) , our young dogs made their debut at KRHRC's Saturday hunt test. The chocolate girls, Bella (HR Cody X HRCH Rio) and River (6 months!) aced their first SHR tests, and Camo (FC AFC CFC CAFC Skatch X HRCH UH Tory MH) passed her first Seasoned test as well! (3-3)

Southern Michigan HRC Hunt Test (September 10)
  • Our Started dogs, River and Bella, both put in lovely work to earn their 2nd SHR passes, while Camo went out on a tough Seasoned water test. Our highlight of the day was 11 year old Luke handling Bella in his very first hunt test ever! He handled her like a pro, nerves of steel for this kid! (2-3)

Ohio HRC Hunt Test (September 18)​
  • Only Luke and Bella attended the test today (alongside dad, somebody's got to drive!) and passed their 3rd Started test with flying colors. Last hunt test of the season, see you next year! (1-1)