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"Grizz did great this year for his first time out on the waterfowl. He retrieved around 60 ducks and 2 nice honkers. I can't wait till next year. "

~ "Matt"

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Trinity Oak Labs - Mel and Char Eash - 260-593-2768 abby@trinityoaklabs.com
HR Winchesters Golden Legend

March 28, 2009
Winnie passes her 3rd straight Seasoned test for her HR(Hunting Retriever) Title . Way to go Winnie and David!

September 15, 2008
I just thought that I would give you yet another update on Winnie, this one about her last two Started Hunt tests. Sunday morning Hurricane IKE really pounded the test grounds and it was raining sideways, as if that was not bad enough our first test of the day was a water test. Winnie picked up the first bird with no problem, however when we lined up with the second bird the wind was blowing the rain in both of our faces and she was unable to mark the bird with her normal precision. When I released her she over ran the bird as we were in lunging water and started hunting for the bird in the wrong area. After letting her hunt I could tell that she wasn't going to pick it up by herself so with two cast's I put her right on the bird. We received a standing ovation from the judges and the gallery. The judge later old me that he couldn't believe a started dog could handle as well as Winnie did. Once again a tribute to Trinity Oak Labs and the great blood lines you are producing. The name is now officially SHR Winchesters Golden Legend
UPDATE: August 2008
Hi Abby,
I just thought that I would take a second to share with you some pictures from the East Arkansas HRC hunt test in which Winnie received her first two started passes with me as her handler.  First let me tell you that this dog is a fire breather and she absolutely smashed all four test then looked at me like, "is that all you have got?!"  She is ready to run seasoned, but unfortunately I am not, so were going to finish getting her SHR title and then move on to seasoned so that I can catch up to her.  Currently she is progressing in her training very well, her trainer, Scott Greer, said that she is the first dog that he has ever seen get through Swim-By in one week and is currently running 100 yard water blinds with multiple water entry's like there is nothing to it.  We get to pick her up on October 1st, however, we plan on running her at the Old Hatchie HRC Test in just a few weeks to finish up her title.  Once again I want to thank you and your family for the excellent breeding that is done at Trinity Oak Labs, you guys are setting the standard in Indiana.  Also all of this and she won't turn one year old untill 8/28/2008! 
Spring 2008
I just thought that I would send you on Winnie: Winnie has been with Scott Greer of Surshot Retrievers for about three and a half months now and her level of drive is just amazing.  Winnie has finished obedience, force fetch, collar conditioning and is now working on finishing up with playing baseball.  She is reliably taking three hand cast, running blinds, and is retrieving doubles around 100 to 150 yards.  Her marking ability is just out of this world, along with her desire to work for you.  Steve, one of Greers trainers, has said that Winnie is one of the smartest dogs that he has worked with: "Nothing is too complex for this dog" were his exact words.  Next on the schedule, Winnie will be working on the T pattern, Swim By, and the Wagon Wheel.  Winnie will be with Scott untill mid October, then we get to bring her home with us for the hunting season..............Thank you so much for the service and excellent breeding that is done at Trinity Oak Labs, Winnie is our pride and joy.
  David S. - Indiana

Winnie is by HRCH Coach and out of Dee's Auguest 2007 litter
DECEMBER 3, 2008

Dear Trinity Oak Labs,
This is Lisa, I purchased a black lab male pup from you a couple weeks ago.  I have been remiss in not letting you know how he is doing.   
I am completely impressed with this pup.  My main concern with a dog from a complete hunting bloodline was if he was going to be able to settle down, or if working as a service dog would be entirely underwhelming for him and overwhelming for his future partner.  While I certainly do not expect a young pup to show a lot of focus and control, he has shown far better than average desire to please, reason and offer behavior.
Dogs do not often generalize well.  Sadly, it is not an entirely unheard of thing to see outstanding "obedience" competitors who at home, are a 4 paw wrecking machine.  They have been "ring" conditioned but have little real world responsibility.  Connor seems to generalize better than many pups twice his age, offering cue'd behaviors both at distance and over duration (we generally work on distance, duration, distration and difficulty....usually in that order, though not always).
He sits and downs on command.  He is loose leash walking, on both sides.  We will work on "dress" soon, where he puts his paws on the person's lap to have his baby cape put on (which looks adorable, I might add).   
My only concern is....... I  might need to work on flunking him so I can keep him!   I am totally taken with this guy.  I would not have needed to say any of this of course.  I could have said nothing at all, or that he is simply doing "fine" but he is really a great pup.  Puppies this good, in my opinion, after having titled or trained over 40 dogs, is that you can train behavior, but personality, temperament and heart are born of good and proper breeding practices, health care, and early attention to the pup's development.
You have done an outstanding job and I do hope that you stay true to the type you are perpetuating in your stock.

Lisa W - Symphony Service Dogs - South Bend, Indiana

Connor is from the HRCH Coach X Jody 2008 Fall litter whelped September 20, 2008 and is a littermate to HRCH "Ellie"
concentrate on....He ran flawless on the water test, stumbled just a bit on the first half of the land, but was perfect on the second half...he really impressed the judges and the professional trainers that were there.  So I just entered the St. Clair Flats chapter of the club, which should really help me do better with handling and teaching him..the goal is to get him his HR title, and let him be the best that he can be.....

I will keep you updated as he progresses.

Kevin B. ~~ Michigan
UPDATE: Blake has earned his HR Title and is only a few passes away from his HRCH!!!

Just wanted to let you know that Blake (Coach and Star pup) is doing great. Working everyday...getting his obedience down...loves the water...launches off of the dock just like the picture of Coach......At four months he was enteredinto his first UKC started hunt test..
A neighbor has a 13 month Lab and was watching us work and suggested that we get started...I didn't want to pressure him or prematurely set him up for failure, but I needed to see what it is all about then bring back from the test what we need to 
Blake is from HRCH "Coach" X HR Star's spring 2008 litter

Dear Abby - Trinity Oak Labs,

Ready did really good this weekend and we received our first two UKC Started ribbons!  I watched some of the Seasoned tests, and I think with a little more work on blinds, that they would be no problem for Ready.  I had a lot of fun at my first hunt test and am looking forward to going to some more. Enjoy the pics - 
Bill - Indiana
Fall 2008 - Ready is doing great. He loves to retrieve and I have actually taken him 
on a couple hunts which he did really  well on marking and bringing the birds to hand. I have been debating on whether or not to start force fetch with Ready right now but will probably wait a couple weeks for X-mas break to make sure I have time to work with him a couple times everyday. I have been following Tory's progress on your website. That is great that she is doing so well and I wish you good luck next season with GRHRCH and MH titles. As far as Tory's new pups go, I am sure they will be excellent retrievers. I couldn't be happier with Ready. 
I attached some pics. The dove hunt is from earlier this fall and 
the duck hunts were from a couple weeks ago.
Thanks again! 

Northwestern Indiana
About 4 months old
8 months
8 months and a good hunt!
8 months and retrieving strong
8 months and retrieving strong
12 months old - experienced competiter
Showing off the orange legs
Water Entry
Grizz with his first Junior Hunter Ribbon
Another Pintail for Grizz
Grizz with a beautiful Pintail Drake
Grizz and his first geese
Grizz's favorite place to chill after a hunt!
Grizz in training
In the Holding Blind at a Junior Hunt Test
Grizz did great this year for his first time out on the waterfowl. He retrieved around 60 ducks and 2 nice honkers. I can't wait till next year. Figured i'd send some pics, so here they are. You'll know where he naps after a hard day of duck hunting when you see the picture. (: He's such a good boy....He's not the biggest dog at 68 lbs. But he handles the big birds well.
Thanks! Matt

NOTE: Grizz earned his Junior Hunter Title in spring 2009. Way to go Grizz and Matt! 
(For you YouTube fans, there are some videos available by searching Grizz junior Hunt Test)
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This is "Ace," a 3 year old black male hailing from Maryland. He just finished his 2nd season with owner, Mike, and highlighted it by retrieving the first snow goose for either of them! 
Great job guys!
Ace is from the 2007 HRCH UH Coach MH X Dixie litter, and was trained by Trinity Oak Labs