HRCH Trinity Oak's Shiloh Dream
Ellie and handler Abby running Finished at Kalamazoo Valley HRC - first pass!KVHRC - water test Lining for the blind - KVHRC - water testShooting the marks - KVHRC - water testSmile!I'm a good looking girl!Ellie showing her stuff!I can retrieve the big birds too
DOB: 10-8-2008

Ellie is a gorgeous looking looking, med yellow female. She is a pup out of our very first registered lab, Jody's, final litter. We have many times over, wished we had kept more from the breeding because Jody's pups have done so well!

She is a strong marking dog in the field, and handles very well. Ellie also loves upland hunting, the thrill of the chase and hunt drives her all day. She has a very sweet temperament, laid back, but ready to hunt when it is time to work. She has had several breedings, every one of her pups that I have trained have been SUPER nice. Great little dogs.

Ellie is very well built, balanced, but atheltic. 56 lb of muscle

OFA Excellent
Elbows Normal
Eye's Clear
EIC Carrier

Ellie's Pedigree

2 SHR passes
Fall 2009

1st HR pass
Spring 2010

6 HRCH Passes
Summer/Fall 2011

110 HRC Points

3 MH passes

4/12 - Backwater RC - 1 Master Pass