HRCH Trinity Oak's Bluegoose Camo

HR Title (4-5)

HRCH Title
August 2020

100 HRC Points

DOB:  07/16/2014

​Camo is a fantastic black female who lives to train and retrieve. She is a ball of intensity when at the line, and flies like a shot when released for a retrieve. She is a smart, talented, and willing worker  who complies quickly with little pressure to commands. 

All of her training has been delayed due to family commitments, but she has been game all the way and we are delighted with the new CHAMPION title in front of her name. She is now a 4th generation HRCH. Camo was bred by our kennel, coming from one of our foundation females "HRCH UH Tory MH" and sired by FC AFC CFC CAFC "Skatch."

Camo has had several litters sired by GRHRCH GMPR UH Flame MH MNH QAA and we have been super pleased with the pups and their natural working ability.

Camo's Pedigree
Video of Camo running a Finished blind at Great Lakes HRC
Training mark video 
2019 -- 1 Finished pass earned at Ohio HRC

2020 -- 3 Finished passes earned in 3 tests entered! 
Many thanks to Kankakee HRC, Sandusky Bay HRC, and Great Lakes HRC