HRCH Grady's Skye Rocket

CNM Clear by Parentage
EIC Clear by Parentage

DOB: 11/22/2010

Skye is an athletic young black female in a 45 lb pocket rocket package, who is developing into one of the best dogs we have ever trained. She has a ton of drive, but is tractable and sensitive to pressure. Easy to live with, quiet, not wild, but doesn't need to be told twice to go!

Last hunting season, she did a fine job hunting November pheasants, with a good nose and quartering pattern for a young dog, so we are really looking forward to putting her on them again this year. 

Her pedigree includes some of the top Field Trial and Hunt Test champions in the country, including her sire NAFC FC AFC Cody Cut a Lean Grade. 
OFA Good
Elbows Normal
CERF Clear
CNM Clear by Parentage
EIC Clear 

2 HR passes
Fall 2012

7 HRCH passes

110 HRC Points
2013 Hunt Test Results

Two Finished Passes earned at GL-HRC ~ May 18, 19

One Finished Pass earned at KV-HRC ~ May 11
NEW HR Title!