Sire: GRHRCH Casey's Max A Million
Dam: HR Jake's Golden Emmy
DOB: 4/16/2007
Word travels fast in the hunting world.   I know you followed the 2012 Spring Grand in Kansasville, Wisconsin, but I wanted to send an official update on Mossi, for the kennel pride and followers.  I thought Mossi was on sticks after the first water test in WI, but I had guessed wrong. After watching film, I learned she did NOT blow me off on a back command, going up the hill, and out of the water for the blind.  My uncle had told me time after time that she took the cast, but I did not believe him in the heat of the moment.  We had clean sheets after the first day-whew!. 

The second day came and I knew we got a pair of one’s after the land test, on the blind.  I only knew this because I watched the lady judge mark the box and write in a comment L.  Let me tell you there was a lot of pacing going on at call backs for that second series because I did not know she was clean through the first series at that moment!!

THEN, came the third day and the Booster rocked the water test, but came back with a bad limp after picking up the water blind. I immediately scooped her up in my arms and ran to the truck when we finished the test and cleared the line.  Over that afternoon, and the next day, I spent 4 hours on the road with my family, back and forth to the vet in Elkhorn, WI.   It turned out she had two puncture wounds in her front right paw.  One puncture pierced the pad, while the second went completely through her paw.  Limited training, antibiotics, and a lot of icing on that paw was the remedy for the next two days. The vet gave me the “ok”, based on two visits and many phone calls, to finish the event, or I would have pulled her doubt…..I love your Trinity Oaks creation too much too hurt my girl.

Mossi then proceeded to blow away the 4th day land test, regardless of her injuries, and sat like a rock on the Upland flush and honor.   I have never been sooo proud of her as that moment.  Yes, I cried, as I did in Canada when she passed.  Mossi is the best thing I have accomplished throughout my entire life.  A back yard bozo, which, thanks to good breeding from Trinity Oaks, was able to take his FIRST and ONLY dog to the top of the AKC/UKC hunt test game. I hope you will pass this message on to Bruce Shoup.  It was a special moment to hear Mossi announced as a Grand Champion in front of my family, who all traveled to make the event: mom (Sharon), sis (Kristin), dad (Joe), dad’s wife (Linda), and my aunt and uncle (Betty and Charlie). (:

GRHRCH UH Canteen’s Mossi Brite Eyed Boo MH has now passed 42 consecutive Finished tests, 5 consecutive Master tests, and 3 consecutive Upland tests.  She is 50 for 50 in Finished or Master level hunt tests since April 10, 2010, a little before age 3. She is 2 for 3 passes at the Grand in that time frame as well.  In addition, Mossi also went over 1,000 HRC points on June 23, 2012, making my BOOSTWAD a third consecutive generation Grand dog AND 1,000 pointer two months after her 5th Bday.  My thanks again!!!!:.  If I was to purchase another Labrador, please, please, have no doubts that it would come from Trinity Oaks!!!!

September 21, 2011
I thought it was time to give Trinity Oaks an update on their creation from 4 years ago.  Mossi has become a phenomenal hunt test dog and hunting companion.  In 2010 she passed 26 of 28 hunt tests (3-3 Upland, 5-5 Master, and 16-18 Finished).  She earned her Master Hunter title, and also finished her third year with 550 UKC points at three years old.
   2011 started out very rocky in that I had surgery in the Spring. I only had 17 days to train her for the Spring Grand in Mississippi but “walking the line” was something I had to do with her, in case we would never be able to go again.
           Mossi and I fell in the first series in Mississippi (I was not even sure why then), but I learned many things to apply to our training.  For the 2011 Fall Grand in Peterborough, Ontario I had 6-7 weeks of solid training. On several days toward the end we trained twice a day for at least an hour.  I am extremely proud to say we passed the Fall Grand.  I was asked a few times where I got her and I told them of your kennel, as I always do.  Mossi has not failed a hunt test, other than the Grand, in the last 18 months. She is a perfect 10 for 10 in finished this year and has compiled 740 UKC points.
                       I think the most important thing though….that tail NEVER stops wagging.  She is the happiest dog in the world, a tribute to your Jake’s Golden Emmy and good breeding.  I love my dog, and thank God he has blessed me with such an animal.  I hope this news makes the Eash family proud as well (:)

Yours in thanks, Joe

Fall 2009

Unfortunately, as you already know, Mossi and I were unable to make the fall Grand in Tenn.  However,  not being able to run the Grand did not take away from a wonderful fall hunt test season for Mossi and I.  She ran 6 finished waterfowl tests  during Sept and Oct 09’.  The lil black rocket passed 5 of the 6 events.   We had that 6th pass wrapped up too, but she decided to break for the LAST duck of the day off the honor bucket.  I had to both laugh and cry at the same time. I do indeed love that 65 lb. bundle of black fur.

Mossi also took that next step in getting that Triple Crown or Trifecta as I often call it, late in September.  She and I traveled to the inaugural upland hunt at Hurricane Lake HRC in Searcy, Arkansas.  The lil beast went 3 for 3 over the weekend, passing two Chukar hunts on Saturday, and a pheasant hunt on Sunday morning. The chukar hunts were natural flushes, while the pheasants came out of throwers buried in hay to help em get up.  She took a total of seven whistles on the six flushes to sit her tiny rumpus on the ground, honoring very nicely, and waiting for my command to go on the walk up.  Quartering could use a little touch up, but obviously the judges thought it was good enough to pass, which of course made me smile.  My lips and hands were shaking, eyes welling up with some tears AGAIN, when they announced her as  Upland Hunter-Hunting Retriever Champion- Canteen's Mossi Brite Eyed Boo- Senior Hunter :))))......WOW that name is getting longer. The Upland judge even said it all, no abbreviations with his announcement!!!  She was 29 months in September for the UH title, and just had her 30th birthday on Oct 16th.

Our second hunt test season is over now. I continue to learn as I go.  The “booster”, as I call her, has earned 5 AKC Senior passes and 250 UKC points to date.  Thank you Trinity Oaks, as I must always say, for producing such a fine young puppy.  The duck season is going to be a blast. It’s impossible for me to more proud of her(:.

Your friend,
Joe Thomas

August 7, 2009


I’m going to TRY and keep this short, but there is SO MUCH to share. Mossi went through her first full hunting season this last year 2008. It would not do her enough credit to say that after attaining her HRCH title last October, she absolutely tore the “true” waterfowl hunting apart… limb by limb. Over the 2008 season she easily retrieved over 100 doves, ducks and geese. The retrieves included several hunts during which she had to go through the water, up onto ice, back in the water, and if needed, up onto land. Mossi simply never gave up on a single duck or goose the entire year. On one particular hunt she tore the protective vest off her body trying to get to a bird on the ice pack off the shore. Mossi also retrieved a seven bird series in which she only saw 3 birds hit the water (she took whistle and hand commands to the other 4 ducks behind the duck blind). Her longest blind retrieve last December was over 350 yards on the range finder. She also retrieved all 27 other ducks we shot that day as well!! I was fortunate enough to have my cousin film her on this hunt, and I still watch the film proudly. Everyone I know is speechless watching her perform so well at such a young age. When the season ended, she was only 21 months old.

We started the hunt test season with an upland hunt in February 09 before she turned 22 months. She passed her first ever Upland test, even though she had never seen a pheasant until the WEEK BEFORE at a practice hunt. Mossi also garnered another finished ribbon in April 09, and then we moved on to some AKC testing. In the Senior Hunter division of AKC Mossi has gone 5 for 5, and earned her title in May 2009 at 25 months. At two of these Senior tests only ~30% of the dogs passed. She still is not collar conditioned….just a rope and the word “no”. What an animal you have produced.

I have failed some AKC Master attempts with her, just like I did some of my first Finished attempts in UKC. It is really hard for me to see “handler error” on judge’s sheets, but as I have said before, she is my first dog, and I am learning as I go. As I eluded on my last update, if I can train a Trinity Oaks lab, ANYONE can do it!............... I mean that. I am having a really hard time deciding if I should prepare to go to the Grand, or get her Master Hunter title before the duck season of 2009. Either way I figure at a bare minimum, she will have achieved her Upland and Master titles before her 3rd birthday barring any injury. She has made this first time lab owner and first time “backyard” trainer the best I can be.

Friends and trainers I meet have asked if Mossi will be bred, so I went ahead and looked into eye, hip, and elbow certifications. I was a nervous wreck waiting to find out her health conditions. I almost cried when I learned she has clear/normal eyes, normal elbows, and EXCELLENT hips. Way to go Trinity Oaks! If I could come to your kennel and hug Emmy, or find Max-A Million, I would do it in a heartbeat. Mossi definitely fits the description you have of Emmy. If I could pick one word to describe her, it would definitely be “HAPPY”. In addition, she has more natural ability, discipline, and desire than most field dogs I have seen in my limited 2 year experience, yet she still licks visiting friends, and curls up with me at night. I would recommend Trinity Oaks Kennels to any potential client you speak with, or that visits your website. I don’t think Adrianne and I could have ever found a higher quality hunting companion and household pet. Hopefully, my next update will be to tell Trinity Oaks that Emmy has now produced a Triple Crown puppy….HRCH UH Canteen’s Mossi Brite Eyed Boo MH……can’t wait. Hope I can afford it. If it don’t happen I already have HRCH Canteen’s Mossi Brite Eyed Boo SH, and no one can take that away!!
On a side note also I received a new pedigree that shows Emmy has produced a HRCH puppy (Mossi) and SHR puppy (assume Rooster?)!!! Please let me know you received this and can open the pics, I have a new email system.

Your friend,

Joe Thomas

November 12, 2008

Dear TOL,

Since our last update, Mossi has continued her road to becoming an elite hunt test dog, and awesome hunting companion. Due to the economy, and the fact that my girlfriend and I work for a living, like most Americans, it took us a while to enter Mossi in any hunt tests following her early success (SHR title in four straight at 11 months).When we found some hunt tests within 4 hours of home, we entered Mossi in Seasoned tests in Missouri and Kentucky.  It would be accurate to say that she absolutely tore apart the Seasoned level tests-lining 5 of 6 blinds en route to earning her HR title (three straight at 16 months).  

Finished tests presented the first challenge. For this handler, unfortunately, was not ready for the finished level tests, and was wholy responsible for Mossi's first failures in the field.  One might describe my first weekend of finished tests as "a fifth grader with a whistle", which I can laugh about now....but NOT then, oh no.  At any rate, after seeing what finished testing is all about, I quickly learned the level of discipline and control that is required to make a dog a champion.  Mossi took the challenge readily and responded.  It is with extreme pride, then, that Adrianne and I would like to announce to the Eash family that HR Jake's Golden Emmy has produced what I believe is Emmy's first little girl to title at this level.  Please welcome HUNTING RETRIEVER CHAMPION-Canteen's Mossi Brite Eyed Boo to your kennel and list of accomplishments.  In her first hunt test season, Mossi earned her SHR, HR, and HRCH titles all by the tender 18 months of age.  On the way, she also earned 120 HRC points in a variety of hunting terrains, and received passes in Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, and Arkansas. I absolutely shake when I think of how she will perform in her next hunt test season, or what she could have accomplished if a pro trainer ever had her in their kennel.

What we are most proud about is that Adrianne and I have NEVER owned or trained a hunting dog.  We did the training on our own, learning as we went.  Adrianne and I stuck to our plan and accomplished the training without the use of modern equipment such as e-collars, wingers, hides, etc.  What I what to relay to your prospective clients with this update is that ANYONE can train a dog obtained from Trinity Oak Labs.  We did it with a rope and the word "No", combined with shared love and patience.  The hunting season is upon us now.  I know its going to be the best of my life.  Our little girl at our side in the duck blind, with Emmy smiling back in Indiana!

Joe Thomas, Adrianne Betta, and HRCH Mossi
GRHRCH UH Canteen's Mossi Brite Eyed Boo MH